Nava Waxman: New Work

Sep 16, 2010 - Oct 17, 2010

Nava’s paintings are a sepia-toned collection of encaustic (essentially melted wax) and mixed media (including paper collages, and found copper objects), all of which are carefully arranged to render her fantastical, airy-tale like images of birds, moons, wilderness and geometrical patterns. While her works may seem barren, a closer inspection reveals a world full and ripe with exploration and a personal narrative of awakening.

In her new paintings Nava delves into the obscurities of memory and intuition through her imaginary portraits and abstract landscapes. “I am interested in portraying a landscape of our time, as well as the timeless qualities of nature. Human narratives are constant in my work. Raw landscape images, personal perception and thoughts, no matter how abstract or fleeting they may be, all contribute to the delicate balance.”

The painting begins to tell its own story through the depiction of trees, night birds, ornaments which become structure, wires, machinery and common man-made objects. "With no preconceived notion I work quite intuitively, inviting innovation and experimentation to reflect my perception regarding the essence of our being."

Predominant palettes of watery aqua and earthy tones provide a backdrop to the touchstones that have become synonymous with Nava's work. Mixed media includes the juxtaposition of:
Paper collages, drafted geometrics, painted and sketched imagery, found copper objects, and in many cases, the written word, sometimes literal and sometimes more elusive. All of these layers
challenge the viewer to relate, interact and interpret.

The printed word, be it sparse or elaborate adds a new dimension "Whether it is a random thought passing with barely a notice, or a stream of consciousness that I have been able to record more formally, the written word seems to compliment my narrative landscape”.

The use of materials and their application emphasize her paintings as visceral objects, with an evocative physical and earthly presence. In some ways, the whole process creates a history, a lineage, a back-story for each new creation.  

  • Light of Reverie
  • Untitled 2
  • Untitled
  • caught up in successive tidal waves of fragments 2
  • Intuition in it's Passive Form 82