Tadeusz Biernot: Faces

Sep 25, 2010 - Oct 17, 2010

Throughout the painting process, I am flooded by glimpses of faces, and memories of people I knew or was dreaming of. The stream of emotions attached to one image accelerates my memory, to the point that the overall picture becomes fragmented. My hand can't follow the fast pace of images created by my own imagination. The process is analogous with the biology of life - it is a continuous revelation and destruction of the image, sometimes to the point of destruction of the canvas. Faces I paint are more than decorative objects that exist only in superficial relation to the surrounding world. I don't want my paintings to convey any answers. Instead I want my subjects to feel the space between the painting and the viewer, to pursue the viewer to continue the contemplation. By revealing and hiding, bringing to light and destroying, I want to give my subjects an existential dimension that is open to interpretation.; ~Tadeusz Biernot

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