Pamela Goldfarb: Elements

Feb 10, 2011 - Mar 6, 2011

Pamela Goldfarb’s most recent work is a series entitled Elements. These paintings contain no paint and instead use non traditional painting materials including burnt wood, lead, copper, steel, graphite and rust.

The materials are organic, rich browns, warm blacks, juxtaposed against a strong geometric structure. The series has a very architectural feel and like much of her past work continues to explore absence and presence, signs and symbols, and the signification of meaning.

Process is a very important part of this work. Something that is burnt is physically absent yet visually present. The pieces are burnt sanded rusted rubbed. The natural materials are taken and then changed, their physical state altered.

One of the most interesting thing about this work is that this process will continue over time and the pieces will continue to change and evolve taking on a life of their own.

The recent introduction of Corten steel to the series has been very exciting. As a material it is not only beautiful but almost stands as a symbol to the importance of time and the natural changes of state that are an integral part of this work. As Corten weathers it develops this wonderful coating that protects the steel. As a material it links the work to architecture which has strongly informed this series.


Some further thoughts:

The series was born out of my minimalist sensibility and belief that materials are what they are. Lead is heavy therefore it should be at the bottom. If there is piece where the lead is on top it was very conscious decision.

The other thing that was essential to me is that the attachment be visible and become an integral part of the work. I was not looking for a pristine finish but wanted the cut marks to show.

  • Large Inseption
  • Abbut
  • Ellements
  • Allegory (Left)
  • Allegory (Center)
  • Allegory (Right)
  • Allegory (Triptych)
  • Discovery
  • Crossings (left)
  • Crossings (center)
  • Crossings (right)
  • Crossings (triptych)
  • Origins
  • Distill
  • Core
  • Plan "B"
  • First Corten
  • Disengage I
  • Disengage II