Alan Glicksman "New Path"

Jun 4, 2011 - Jun 26, 2011

Alan Glicksman was born during a hurricane. HIs paintings have always exhibited the fierce, frenetic energy of that power. His early Abstract Expressionist work included beings of all description: mythical and mysterious, emerging from his inner world.


When Alan left Toronto to move north in 2005 he started to channel that same energy in a different direction. He moved to Owen Sound, on Georgian Bay. The rugged landscape and seemingly endless water called him to take that wild artistic energy and paint with new eyes. He found a new path as an Abstract Landscape painter.


Glicksman’s psychological landscape merged with the geographical landscape. He took his Abstract Expressionist sensibilities into a new place. He was influenced by the escarpment, the bay, and the great Canadian artists who had been there before him. Now he does oil sketches in the field, en plein air, and later creates large canvases in his studio that carry the essence of the wilds. Virginia Eichhorn, Director and Curator of the Tom Thomson Art Gallery in Owen Sound has said that Glicksman’s paintings are expressive, honest and personal, like the best of Tom Thomson. He captures the spirit of his outdoor experiences.

Throughout his long artistic career, Canadian painter Alan Glicksman has developed a highly expressive visual vocabulary to describe immediate instincts and raw states of being. His highly praised accomplishments have been hailed for a fresh original approach, a powerful palette of spellbinding colors and capturing the spirit of what he is experiencing. Alan studied at the Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto and in residence in New York City, at the University of Guelph and the University of Toronto.

He has received numerous awards including sponsorship by the Ontario Arts Council. His artwork has been added to many prestigious collections, including: Tom Thomson Art Gallery, Owen Sound, ON
Canada Council Art Bank, Ottawa, ON
Ministry of External Affairs, Ottawa, ON
Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto, ON
The Baycrest Centre, Toronto, ON
Kid's Help Foundation, Toronto, ON
  • Spirit Tree
  • Cherry Trees
  • Autumn Trail
  • Meadow
  • Going Through a Forest
  • Lush
  • The Birds And the Bees
  • What It Is
  • Tulips In the Sun
  • Ravine
  • Bouquet
  • Shadow Lands
  • Flax
  • Evening Mist
  • Where the Wild Things Are