New Work

Dec 9, 2016 - Jan 8, 2017

Oli Goldsmith is an artist who recombines the visual vernacular of the cut and paste, all this web-based waste, while integrating faint echoes of the comic book genre, evolving it all into a visualized mantra. Using the signology of Pop culture, and dislocating and regenerating each image values by multiplying it or them, and then placing all of this in a jigsaw puzzle of endlessly novel associations, Oli Goldsmith has created a mini-portrait replete with mini-creatures, hybrid bio-forms, the detritus of the age of distraction we all grew up with. Indeed, Oli Goldsmith suggests there is no focus to our culture, only a dull and  instinctual thudding and trodding through the icon mud field of the media push.  Oli does this with through the quiet placement of images, of drawn signals, of icons. And the art is in the placement, like Kurt Schwitters Dada and Surrealist collages.

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