Apr 29, 2004 - May 20, 2004

Photography by Kim Atkins and Laurence Siegel

Kim Atkins became interested in photography while still in public school. She grew up in Boston and completed a university degree in Fine Arts. Later she moved to England, studied for a diploma in social work and spent three years travelling and working in Britain. Kim emigrated to Toronto and taught Visual Art and Photography while continuing to travel and make her own art.

"My work is reflected to the genre of the street photography - the artists who observe the world each day with a camera - the artists who find art in an unlikely subject. This is both an historic and a traditional approach to black and white photography. A photo can record a detail, which suggests something much greater. An image that the eye can miss. I am equally fascinated by pattern and detail. The design and arrangement of things!". - Kim Atkins

Laurence Siegel fell in love with pictures as a child growing up in the projection booth beside his father and grandfather, projectionists at the Park and Casino theatres in Toronto. A hobby photographer for about 20 years, a trip to Mexico - a summer workshop in San Miguel de Allende - changed his focus from 35mm to 645. The new format brought new energy and interest to his work.

Laurence has had 3 careers to date, each of which has put him in a position to work with people in change and struggle. He spent a decade as a social worker, another 10 years as an artist manager and the past 15 years as a Dramatic Arts teacher.

"I am interested in the drama, conflict and opposites of real life on the street. Tensions between seemingly disparate lives become evident when captured in what would otherwise be an evanescent tableau." - Laurence Siegel

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