the space between

May 20, 2004 - Jun 3, 2004

Paintings by Betty Kaser

Space, is an incredibly complex philosophical concept. The metaphysics of space and our relationship to space can posses many descriptions. Inward, outward, physical, virtual, public, private, space exists everywhere. Artist Betty Kaser has been observing and experiencing space from a very young age. Growing up on a farm in the Canadian Prairies led to the beginning of a life long interest in creating space and locating herself within space. As an adult, space has come to represent less geographical and more philosophical ideas of 'Where am I?' and 'Where is Here?'

Her latest collection of artwork demonstrates a perfect mastery of form and substance. Betty's artwork exudes a level of depth that transcends the pure physical. One cannot just glance at her work. You are drawn in, lured by the shadows and changes in hues, intrigued by the clever use of contrast and ghostly impressions and impressed at her subtle portrayal of a story, conveyed through familiar yet mysterious shapes and silhouettes.

"Dreams, memories, the imagination, deepen and expand space and make room for other realities. In my artwork, I play with space. The space I am most interested in is an inward space, an intimate space, a small space. I am intrigued with the representation of complex, hidden and secret or private spaces. Using oil stick on Mylar, (a semi-transparent material that allows for some visibility of underlying layers), I collage old and new work together. The underlying collaged work often appears shadowy, a mysterious space. The eye moves between different spaces, between the obscured and the visible, between what is seen and what is evoked." - Betty Kaser

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