Jun 3, 2004 - Jun 16, 2004

Etchings by Francis Henne

A graduate of York University and possessing a Masters in Print Media, Francis Henne's work demonstrates an intelligent and insightful awareness of one's self within their surroundings.

Remnants traces a path of the artist's emotions and perceptions. It conveys the imprints left behind from people Francis has encountered in his life and the lessons learned through understanding their perceptions of him.

"It explores my deepest feelings of loneliness, isolation, dissolution and mortality. These fragmented and dissolving images of the body represent how I interpret myself through the internalized gaze of a community. It is a representation of how I feel when the other sees me as a sexualized body, as a diseased body, as an able body, as a creative body, as a mortal body and as an immortal body.

All of these differences that make me who I am are explored in my work. The velvety black, the rich texture, the dissolution of the box and the fading of the image of the body. These are all the factors that have influenced me in my work. This is how I view myself, not as a whole, but more of the sum of my parts. This is who I am."

- Francis Henne

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