The Foundry

Jul 1, 2004 - Jul 14, 2004

Mixed Media Artwork by jarmila Kavena

A graduate of Concordia University and possessing a Masters in Fine Arts, Jarmila Kavena's dedication demonstrates her passion for her medium. After studying art in the Czech Republic, Jarmila had a renewed sense of self that she continues to explore through a variety of media.

Intrigued by the foundry system, she has spent the last 7 years focusing on the exploration of the foundry's multilevel existence visually, practically and intellectually. Jarmila extends the microcosm of the foundry into a sense of being through the transformation of raw materials into metaphors of her existence.

The central motive of her multimedia work is transformation and alchemy - as an approach to technique, as her philosophy, and as the basic process going on in the foundry where she finds her inspiration. She creates installations using aluminum castings, sand molds, encaustic paintings, prints and objects from the foundry.

"The foundry where I create my work is a fascinating place for me, an artist. It is my connection to the to microcosm of the matter, to the hierarchy of people working in this place and interacting with each other as well as to the macrostructure of the whole world of which the foundry is a living little cell.

I am enchanted by its multilevel existence: by its black magic, by the resonance of human history within it and by the world of mathematics, physics and chemistry underneath. I use materials, techniques and visual images from the foundry as metaphors for transformation - to express my understanding of the constant change and complexity of the world within me and around me." - Jarmila Kavena

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