The Fuse is Burning

Jul 15, 2004 - Jul 28, 2004

Oil on Canvas by Scott Johnston

A graduate of Ryerson Polytechnical Institute, this Toronto born artist posses a rare skill which goes beyond the mastery of his medium. He has the ability to create pieces that exude a positive and stimulating energy. Through the careful use of a vibrant palette, Scott creates large-sized pieces, which are both dramatic and bold.

"The creative mind of Scott Johnston has produced strikingly individual works of art that feature a bold use of color and a compelling vision of humanity. The paintings display a beautiful sense of balance and harmony, with colors and shapes complimenting each other to wonderful effect. His clever interplay and unity of color seem fitting for paintings that convey a message of human harmony.

The abstract figures that characterize Johnston's work appear to signify a collective human spirit reaching upwards to the heavens. Their strength of numbers gives them a type of cumulative power that transcends the solitary individual.

Johnston's paintings hint at something mysterious and eternal in the human condition. Like the figures in his paintings, one can't help but feel uplifted when appreciating the positive and optimistic imagery of painter Scott Johnston."

- Dave Murphy

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