Grace Under Fire

Aug 12, 2004 - Aug 25, 2004

Oil Paintings on Canvas by Linda Heffernan

Formally educated at the Ontario College of Art & Design, this honours graduate has received numerous awards for her oil on canvas creations. Demonstrating a careful blend of bold colours with subtle injections of wit, her pieces convey the artist's views toward current global issues, as they relate to power and gender.

"For most of the current North American generation, war is on the other side of the TV screen. It is a spectacle that we view from the shelter of our living rooms. Media coverage of events over the past few years has informed my paintings.

I feel compelled, to find 'what lies behind order, comfort, place, and safety'; to make sense of world events through my paintings and related research and, in turn, to inspire others to contemplate current global issues. I seek to create a visual catalyst for dialogue by viewers who bring their own lifetime of experience and knowledge to the viewing of my paintings."

- Linda M. Heffernan

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