Sep 23, 2004 - Oct 6, 2004

Graphite on Mylar, styrene and canvas by Bill Burston

"This new work I have developed pushes the traditional form of the grid into a black and white fractal - an organic, tonal order. Working in black and white is about the subtlety of tone as opposed to the constructs of hue.

The grid by its very nature commands a scale, which compelled me to work with oversized polystyrene sheets commonly used in backlit advertising - the building materials of the commercial grid. Between black and white, there are only 256 shades of tonal gray available to the naked eye."

- Bill Burston.

"The grey graphite textures are like memory passages from early black and white films, and the abstract surface patterning and light dark contrasts likewise recall days of early cinema and constructivist photography ... Graphite and a tangible graphic sense make these very Burston-esque!"

- John K Grande - Vie Des Arts # 193

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