Luc Bernard

Sep 15, 2007 - Oct 7, 2007

Molten Earth

My latest works, "Molten Earth," bring rich and thick sculptural applications of wax to my landscapes as if still erupting, flowing from the earth's core, and even now, solidifying in thick, swirling eddies.

With my painting,I try to say something about the ephemeral, capturing a moment of observation. What fascinates me most about nature is that it is never static and that any single instant, well-described, can embody so many human emotions. And that very observed moment is trembling on the cusp of being something else.

  • Right Here
  • Trincomali Channel
  • My Walk With Nora
  • Little Red Field
  • Beckett's Field
  • Bennedict's Pond
  • By Mission
  • From the Train
  • I See It
  • Just After the Storm
  • Mission Forest
  • Over the Trees
  • River Bend
  • Summer Bliss
  • Summer Night
  • The Day Has Gone By
  • The Day is Coming to an End
  • Two Pines