Featuring artwork by Christopher Hayes

Nov 18, 2009 - Dec 8, 2009

Award winning artist Christopher Hayes was born in Ottawa and raised in the suburbs of Toronto. He has always been fascinated with this city; in particular the pace, the energy and the architectural and artistic drama of the 'downtown core'. As a boy, Christopher would spend his spare time

exploring the city streets, captivated by its character, energy, diversity and the intensity and bohemian-like freedoms of expression.

Inspired by comic strip art, Hayes pursued his post secondary studies in animation at Sheridan College in 1987 and began a career as a freelance

illustrator and animator, his work appearing in "Canadian Living", "McLean's", the "Toronto Star", as well as popular TV series such as Little Bear, Franklin and Anne of Green Gables.

"Using found objects, wood (old and new), paper, metal and resin, my art reflects the 'urban revival' of the once recognizable and nostalgic aspects of the city. The high glossy sheen adds even more emphasis to

the sometimes rougher areas. Thus the medium to be becomes a physical

metaphor for my conceptual vision"

Since 2005, Christopher has participated in over 30 group shows throughout the Greater Toronto Area. In addition to his gallery work, he has had

numerous private commissions. His first canvas painting now hangs in

Toronto City Hall as part of their permanent art collection.

"As an urban artist, voyeurism is the foundation for my creative process. It is through keen observation of modern day urban life that I create a

backdrop for social commentary, juxtaposing street life with nostalgic images of the cityscape that may be long forgotten."- Christopher Hayes

  • untitled
  • 24 Hour Service
  • Neville Park
  • Vespa Girl
  • untitled
  • untitled
  • 65 Parliament