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Feb 4, 2010 - Feb 21, 2010

"Drawnonward as a group has covered a lot of terrain over the past 15 years. Although the vast majority of our experiences have ranged from great to amazing to awe inspiring, we have also met our share of adverse conditions on our travels. We have though, collectively discovered an ability to keep things in perspective - to find either humor or illumination in our missteps. It is our shared lens of positive outlook that has allowed us to continue along our path.

Adventure Canada proved to be kindred spirits, and over the past few years members of Drawnonward have taken part in voyages throughout the Canadian Arctic, Greenland, Labrador, and Newfoundland. Six unique adventures in four years that have brought, and continue to bring, Canada to the forefront of our creative expression.

- David Marshak

About Adventure Canada

Adventure Canada specializes in quality group experiences. With an emphasis on small ship expedition cruising in Canada, their company offers excursions on the west, east, and Arctic coasts of Canada. Entering their twenty-second year they have expanded their offerings to include programming in Europe, South and Central America, Africa, Antarctica and the Oceania.

In addition to ship based travel programs they offer a series of land based art, photography, wildlife viewing and cultural programs. Over the last twenty plus years, along with their guests, they have discovered that there is so much that is extraordinary about the places they travel, from the landscape, wildlife and culture to the history, art and archeology that is unique to every destination.

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